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14th May 2018 Jemma Green

Live and Direct — Access and subtitles

Mr Wilsons Second Liners perform at Appetite’s Taster Tour (Whitfield Valley 2015) © Andrew Billington Photography 2

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What is it about?

Subtitling will make your online content accessible to an audience of over 11 million d/Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing individuals. Did you know it can also increase video views, social media engagement and improve your SEO?

The session will focus on subtitling for filmed events, but will also touch on subtitling live events, and includes a mix of good and bad practical examples and tutorials on how to begin subtitling.

You’ll be able to follow along using YouTube’s subtitling platform.

What will I gain?

1) Knowledge of how to start subtitling your content

2) Top tips for captioning and making videos accessible to all

3) Advice on ensuring your videos are social media friendly

Who is it for?

For delegates who want to understand how to use subtitling for their events.

 Alic Joy | Marketing and Communications Manager | Stagetext

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