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About the Retreats

The Retreats is member-only marketing leadership programme. It is designed to inspire and empower arts, culture and heritage professionals to become better equipped at bringing arts and audiences together.

At the residential you get the chance to work and network with leading thinkers and like-minded peers from across the arts, culture and heritage sector to further your skills as a marketer and leader.

The programme provides a mix of:

  • Fast-paced presentations and learning modules delivered by top trainers and guest speakers
  • Interactive workshops with case study work to put into practice the tools and techniques learnt
  • Vibrant discussions and ideas sharing sessions with like-minded peers
  • Self-reflection time to review your learnings

The Retreats operate at different levels:

Retreat 1

Image of Retreat 1 logo in the shape of a mountain

— for senior officers and new managers
Currently no dates scheduled.

Retreat 2

Image of Retreat 2 logo in the shape of a mountain

— for marketing managers and equivalent
March 2018
Location TBC

Retreat 3

— for heads of department and directors
Currently no dates scheduled.

“Good to meet people at the same level, with similar concerns and challenges and to take some time out to look at the bigger picture, not just for my organisation but for my career.”
Teri Laing

Marketing & Engagement Manager

“It’s rare that you attend some training that really affects how you think and feel about what you do. Without doubt a unique getaway for the marketing mind.”
Carol Jones
CJ Consulting

“I found the retreat incredibly valuable and quite a journey of discovery.”
Rebecca Davis
Audience Development Officer