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Small-Scale Development Programme

plan your route to reaching and engaging more people, more often

This tailored programme consists of an intensive residential course to develop skills and knowledge and online coaching to help put plans into practice.

Leaders in small-scale organisations manage multiple priorities and in many cases this includes driving the engagement of audiences, with limited resources. This programme aims to equip participants with the necessary tools to reach and engage more people, more often.

Together with our trainers we have crafted a programme that shares the right mix of organisational, strategic and practical skills to help small-scale organisations achieve their audience objectives.


The intensive residential course takes just a few days out of your busy schedule and will equip you with tangible skills to instantly use. The Small-Scale Development Programme gives delegates the skills, knowledge and tools they need to reach new audiences, improve engagement with current audiences and increase income.

With expert trainers, participants benefit from a tailored programme to:

  • help define their organisation’s ambition and goals
  • develop a clearer understanding of their current approach to audiences
  • produce a marketing plan to inspire their colleagues

Online coaching

The online coaching continues your learning and development once you’re back at your organisation.

Effective knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning takes place through Google Hangouts at scheduled times with our expert trainers and other members of the programme.

Be part of the network

As a participant of the programme, you will receive a complimentary annual membership. Being an AMA member gives you access to our diverse network of people working to engage the public with arts, culture and heritage.

  • Share and inspire — be introduced to fellow members, share expertise with people like you, and find peer support on current challenges and opportunities
  • Grow your impact — realise your ambition and strengthen your organisation’s resilience with access to the latest thinking, best-practice resources, and inspirational learning experiences
  • Build deeper relationships — make one-to-one, long-lasting connections through the AMA mentoring scheme, dinner parties and network meetings

Please contact Verity to register your interest in this programme — future dates will be announced soon.

“The Small-Scale Development Programme enables leaders of arts, culture and heritage organisations to develop a clear vision, mission and marketing plan. I believe giving leaders time to explore how to increase and better engage their audiences and visitors is crucial, and we’ve already seen tremendous developments in the organisations that have taken part so far. This programme clearly empowers leaders to manage their multiple priorities whilst driving their organisations forward.”
Phil Cave
Director, Engagement and Audiences
Arts Council England

If you are interested in taking part in this programme please register your interest below — future dates will be announced shortly.

“The course was thorough, relevant throughout and above all easily applied in the real world. Perhaps the most impressive thing of all was to make the course relevant to the very wide range of organisations present and especially to make it as applicable to one-man start-up operations as to NPOs. I have already recommended it to several of my peers.”
Mark Tattersall
Artistic Director
Dorchester Arts