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Future Proof Museums

Boost your organisation's resilience

Stage One

Focuses on a diagnostic session to help you and your team identify future opportunities.

Each museum taking part in the Future Proof Museums programme will start by exploring their future direction as a team together with one of our specialist trainers.

This will take place within your museum to enable a range of people to take part; to explore different perspectives across the organisation and to highlight areas of agreement as well as those that might be contradictory.

Stage Two

Is a three day intensive residential programme at the Moller Centre, Cambridge on 14-16 September 2015.

The Museum Director from each participating organisation will join us for a residential programme to explore a strategic change toolkit for their museum.

Areas of work at the residential will include:

  • Defining your museum’s cause – the difference it makes to the world
  • Exploring the story of your museum and mapping its direction of travel
  • Visualising your current business model, it’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Exploring how to innovate around the model and prototype new directions
  • Analysing your leadership style and organisational culture
  • Exploring how to manage change successfully and overcome resistance within your organisation

Stage Three

Offers participating museums on-going mentoring and facilitation support.

Different leaders will have different areas of the programme that they want to focus on and take forwards; the AMA will work closely with you to craft a suitable level of on-going, high-level support which could include one, or a mix of, the following:

  • Facilitated sessions in your museum
  • Senior management team leadership development (including Firo-B surveys)
  • Face-to-face mentoring
  • Online mentoring

Image courtesy of Museum of Science and Industry (c) Chris Foster