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Building Resilience

Inspire your thinking and thrive

The programme
— three modules with one purpose

Building Resilience consists of three online modules that the AMA has created in collaboration with Wolff Olins. The modules have been designed to inspire your thinking about how to build and maintain resilience within your organisation and create a thriving future.

Resilience requires the capacity to adapt to a constantly changing environment, without losing sight of your core purpose.

What will I gain?

  • How to implement a desirable, feasible and viable business model which maps out how you will deliver on your purpose
  • Inspiration for your business model, whether you are exploring the ideas for the first time or if you’re an experienced CEO wanting a new perspective
  • Links to further training, support and reading to help you drive forward ideas for your organisation
  • Ideas on ways to develop a team that is infused with your vision and understands the impact you and your organisation are seeking to make

Flexibility to suit your needs
The modules can be accessed on demand from your PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet at a time and place to suit you.

You will have access to the modules for 6 weeks. Building Resilience is heavily subsidised by Arts Council England and costs only £75+VAT for the three modules. Please note the modules have to be paid for before they can be accessed.

Please register your interest below and we will be in touch when bookings open for future modules.

Module 1: Defining your purpose

Our first module, will share perspectives, ideas and case studies from the arts and commercial sectors to give you some fresh insights into the process of how to shape and define a compelling vision and future direction. It’s designed as a thought piece to inspire your core purpose, to ensure that is shared across your organisation and drives everything that you do.

Module 2: Reviewing your business model

Our second module will share core principles for developing a resilient business model which enables you to realise your purpose. We will introduce a tried and tested tool and provide some insights, examples and a suggested process for reviewing, adapting or transforming your business model.

Module 3: Driving a high-performing organisational culture

In our third module, we explore the characteristics of an effective team and the role of the leader in influencing and shaping this. In creating an environment of ‘adaptive resilience’, you foster and celebrate a mindset, where there is little or no desire to return to how it was. Instead, teams actively want to evolve, grow, shrink, and reinvent themselves in order to achieve their shared vision.


You will be introduced to the concepts in the module by a module leader who has professional experience of working in the sector using the tools and techniques they introduce. Meet our module leaders:

“Building Resilience provided an opportunity to stop, reflect on our business and experiment with new planning tools. We had reached a chaotic stage in our transformation. The tools enabled us to refocus and clarify our purpose so that we could communicate more clearly to others about the way forward.”

Adele Poppleton
Head of Active and Creative Communities
Kirklees Council

Online, on demand

Our three online modules can be accessed on demand at a time and place to suit you and are designed to inspire your thinking as part of your journey to becoming a more resilient organisation. We encourage you to complete the modules within six weeks of your start date.

We are using an online learning platform called Bridge (produced by our third party technology partner: Instructure.) Once you’ve signed up online and paid for the module(s) you will be sent a link from Bridge to enable you to create your account and then you can start learning straight away. The modules can be accessed on your pc, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

The modules do not need be completed in one go, they are designed to inspire your thinking about resilience as well as to support you using a range of tools in your organisation and with your team. You will receive regular reminders from Bridge to support and encourage you to complete the modules within your six week period.

Please note the modules have to be paid for before they can be accessed.

“The biggest discovery for me is that online learning actually works. It’s often seen as second-best to face-to-face learning: not true. People can learn at their own speed, in their own time, review things as often as they like – it’s all on their agenda, not the teacher’s.”
Robert Jones
Head of New Thinking
Wolff Olins

Header image: Image courtesy of Samuel Zeller