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27th July 2011 Sara Lock

Keeping the feeling (BNW13)

Issy Patience was attending an AMA Conference for the first time. Here are her reactions to Brave New World one week on …

Blog 16 Back in the office after the conference and all the keynotes and seminars from last week seem like a distant memory. Russell Willis Taylor’s closing speech on the Thursday afternoon was the perfect way to end the conference, filling us all with confidence and enthusiasm.

How can we keep this feeling going this week and for the months to come?

As part of a smaller organisation I feel like I can implement ideas that I have now gathered with relative ease. Much larger organisations have to compete with rigid procedures which can be limiting when introducing new ideas. Whereas whenever we want to try out a new idea we lack the standardised procedures in place to quickly create new strategies.

Understanding each practical part of our different campaigns takes a considerable amount of time to perfect.

My Thursday sessions were really practical and were about managing multiple priorities [Jane Richardson, British Library, ed] and a session with Lisa Baxter who made us think about different ways in which to tackle our challenges. I feel like I am now equipped with ideas to focus my time more effectively on tasks which are  a priority and to take the time to plan a campaign schedule to keep myself organised.

I hope that by taking these steps I’ll be able to maintain the enthusiasm and confidence inspired by the AMA conference.

 AMA conference 2011 images: Leo Cinicolo


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