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28th June 2018 Jemma Green

Improv Workshop

Image courtesy of Ynos Productions

What is it about?

Join Impropriety CIC in a 30-minute quick-paced, fun, exploration workshop. You’ll be encouraged to think creatively on the spot, move loosely and develop free-flowing responses. Enjoy this time to use your imagination and be spontaneous. These workshops will take place before the morning keynote and at lunchtime on Wednesday.

About Impropriety CIC

Impropriety CIC are an Improvised theatre company based in Liverpool. With professional performers from a variety of backgrounds, Impropriety creates its own unique style that’s high on Improv, low on script.

As well as creating unique, funny and moving shows, we believe passionately in the application of Improv in the wider world and its ability to help with problem solving, communication and listening skills, team building and much, much more.


Wednesday 25 July 


9.15am — 9.45am

9.50am — 10.20am

12.30pm — 1.00pm

1.00pm — 1.30pm




Included in your conference ticket 


Book your conference place. Then, in July, you’ll be sent an email to select your conference sessions and will be able to book your social activities at the same time. We know these will be popular so booking is on a first-come-first-served basis.

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