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4th November 2016 Rebecca Moore

Getting Snappy at The Point #DMA

Ellie Russell and Hayleigh Sidhu at The Point, Eastleigh, share their involvement as Digital Marketing Academy (DMA) Fellows.

We had a great session this week on the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy‘s online workshop Make it Snappy, hosted by Alex Pettitt (a Snapchat expert). At one point, Alex mentioned a great quote on how you can describe Snapchat:

“An instant messaging app which, whilst you wait for your friends to respond, you can watch their TV channel.”

This got us thinking, what would The Point’s TV channel look like? As much as this quote refers to personal users over business/venue users, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “does our TV station need to be on all the time? Do we want to broadcast car crash TV or just the main highlights?” We liked the idea that our posts sit on a conveyor belt dropping off after 24 hours and our station starts on a new day. Or in our case, several days later!

So…what have we been up to?

Catching up with mentor Devon Smith fuelled us with some useful tips to try for our week-long Eastleigh Film Festival event in September. We looked at how we could create a mini-film as part of our story which sounded great at the time, however practically it was hard to get this one off the ground to be able to create a chronological spoof in the lead up. This is definitely something we would like to try in the future. We focused our snapping around the most visually exciting events of the week, which showcased classic films screened in related locations with added activity e.g. Little Shop of Horrors inside a local flower shop. As we were out of the building for a large amount of the screenings we didn’t see this as being the right opportunity to create an on-demand geo-filter (something we planned on doing initially), but we felt we had to be doing this for the right reasons.

Over the last month or so, we are starting to feel more confident with our Snapchat style and are keen to maintain it as our informal and ‘fun’ platform. After taking top tips from the Make it Snappy session, it reinforced we are on the right track of not overthinking, keeping spontaneous and showcasing the venue’s personality and not just using Snapchat as an added marketing and sales tool.

Moving On

Moving forwards, we definitely want to get more creative with our posts, and to ensure we’re thinking outside the box when creating vibrant stories and experimenting with Snapchat Art.

Analytics will always be ‘a thing’ when it comes to venues using Snapchat. We like our stats at The Point and it’s great to know there’s an accurate figure to report back to the wider team, making it easier to demonstrate how we are growing. But there is some comfort in knowing that audiences are responding, that the figures are rising in views and screenshots, and that there’s room to keep pushing. There is a long way to go from where we see ourselves, but we are certainly on our way and other members of our team are feeling much more comfortable with using Snapchat to capture moments instantly.

Following from the training session yesterday we now know it’s not the best technique to simply say ‘follow us on Snapchat’ so instead, yesterday we snapped our drama team  fetching masks with an ominous theme to mark Halloween coming… what else may you see when you keep our story on your radar?



Header Image : The Point

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