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We have four Board spaces available this year. We are seeking a range of candidates and are particularly keen to hear from people who are in the first seven years of their career in the cultural sector, as well as those who agree with the ambitions we have set ourselves in our 360 Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

The AMA board currently comprises of nine members and we are now holding an election for four places, to bring the total number up to eleven.

We are looking for people who are ambitious, passionate, excited about driving the AMA forward and committed to helping our members reach more and more diverse audiences.

Over the last few years the AMA has launched a number of initiatives designed to empower the sector to drive real change to benefit organisations and their audiences e.g. Future Proof Museums, Audience Diversity Academy, Digital Lab, Shared Ambition, Small Scale Development Programme. New programmes are in development to support our commitment to inclusion and access.

Candidates will need to have the organisational development skills required to act as effective board members e.g. skills and experience in financial strategy, leadership, and business planning.

To apply to stand in the election, you should:

  • Be enthusiastic about the AMA vision and purpose, and keen to help the AMA further grow its membership and improve its impact;
  • Be a paid up member;
  • Have a proposer and a seconder who are both members;
  • Return your nomination form by Tuesday 30 October 2018, 10.00 AM, to Christopher (see below for more information).

Timescale for 2018 election:

  • 3 October: Opening of the board election applications 2018 – please click to download information pack and nomination form. Read the information pack carefully before filling in the nomination form to ensure you meet the requirements.
  • 30 October: Deadline to stand for board election and to send nomination form back to Christopher (
  • 5 – 29 November: Election takes place.
  • 5 December: Election results announced at the AGM taking place during Digital Marketing Day, on Wednesday 5 December at The British Museum, London. The results will also be shared on our website and on Twitter.

“”When I first stood for election I didn’t anticipate how being on the board has continually given me more back than I’ve ever given. As well as skills development that support personal and professional development, it is a great opportunity to step back from the day job, returning with fresh ideas and new perspectives.”
Jo Taylor
Director, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre and former AMA Board Member

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