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12th October 2017

Forever Project – A Case Study

Image courtesy of Sadler’s Wells, LightSpace by Michael Hulls © Stephen White.

What is it about?

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum’s Forever Project allows audiences to have conversations with Holocaust survivors long after they have passed away. It provides an insight into their experiences, their hopes for the future and the messages they want to share with the next generation.

Sarah will give you an insight into this remarkable programme which demonstrates the power of a digital approach to convey the experiences of individual lives. She will share the thinking around the project, its delivery and its application to other museums and cultural venues.

What will I gain?

  • Insight into the development of new digital approaches
  • Understanding of the challenges and opportunities in taking on such a project
  • A practical account of how to realise a successful digital project


Headshot of Sarah Coward

Sarah Coward
Deputy CEO
National Holocaust Centre and Museum

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