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30th October 2017

Experience for Yourself: Virtual Reality

H0W CAN I €A$€ ¥0UR MIND WITH0UT L¥ING by CiRCA69. Image courtesy of the company.

What is it?

Don a virtual reality headset and immerse yourself in the online universe of  H0W CAN I €A$€ ¥0UR MIND WITH0UT L¥ING, a virtual reality installation developed by transmedia artist CiRCA69. We’ll be showcasing eight five minute excerpts at Digital Marketing Day.

About the project

The work first premiered at MutekAR, Buenos Aires September 2017 and is one element of CiRCA69’s large scale promenade performance Whilst The Rest Were Sleeping, a show which combines 17 VR installations, an augmented reality smartphone app, live electronic music and AV performance and an immense online narrative universe.

CiRCA69’s work presents stories in the form of puzzles, giving the audience a role in a game like environment which combines real and virtual worlds.

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