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31st October 2017

Experience for Yourself: Forever Project

Photo courtesy of The Forever Project, National Holocaust Centre and Museum

What is it?

At Digital Marketing Day you’ll be able to experience The National Holocaust Centre and Museum’s remarkable ‘The Forever Project’. Hear and see a Holocaust survivor sharing their story virtually, and try out the technology that allows you to ask that survivor your own questions and and hear them giving answers in real time.

About the project

The Forever Project is an ambitious 3d interactive programme that will preserve the voices of ten Holocaust survivors for generations to come.

New digital technology allows audiences to listen to lifesize 3D projections of the survivors sharing their unique memories, and then to ask those survivors questions through software which relays pre-recorded answers.  This will preserve a key part of the experience of being able to hear and interact with survivors in person at the National Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire.

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