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1st April 2016 Verity Sanderson

Every Word Really Does Count

Stephen Sheldrake, Press and Marketing Assistant at Worthing Theatres, tells us what he learnt at Online Copywriting Day: Every Word Counts.

Image of Stephen Sheldrake

Last month I had the pleasure of attending my first Arts Marketing Association event, Online Copywriting Day: Every Word Counts. Firstly, the location at London Southbank was ideal for marketing folk travelling from across the UK, having come from Worthing it was a very simple hour and a half train ride on a very sunny day!

The day was a really nice opportunity to network with other people in the arts industry, and I was really impressed with speaker Catherine Toole, who founded Sticky Content and has built up the company over 20 years. Her talk for me was really the most effective. She went into great detail about copywriting across multiple platforms such as websites, emails and social media.

Some of the statistics she provided were a real insight into just how every word really can have a huge impact. I found it hugely inspiring and wished I had had this insight the first day I had started my marketing career.

The second half of the day touched on copywriting for social media, with Tim Fidgeon and David Levin. It was really important to me as that’s part of my remit at Worthing Theatres. It was quite a broad breakdown of many platforms, which were interesting; however I would have liked more specialised depth into Facebook and Twitter for businesses. They were both very fun and exciting speakers, and it was easy to engage with what they were saying. I would have liked to see more practical examples of arts companies using this effectively.

Overall, it was a fantastic day; I would recommend this sort of training for anyone working within the arts regardless of what role they are in. The things I learnt have proved really useful in my marketing arsenal.


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