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16th November 2017 Jemma Green

Embracing Diverse Audiences — what you can expect

Ahead of our online workshop Embracing Diverse Audiences — embedding diversity across your organisation on 7 December, we asked speaker Mel Larsen a few questions about what attendees can expect from the session.

1) What does diversity mean to you?

  • an awareness and core value that leads to taking action on developing Inclusion and Equality 
  • respecting and valuing differences between us all such as culture, ethnicity, faith and identity
  • being aware of the 9 protected characteristics, socio-economic status and associated opportunities/challenges
  • being aware of intersectionality and associated opportunities/challenges

2) What challenges do arts organisations face when trying to reach a more diverse audience?

  • being aware of and honest about their own privilege and bias
  • making assumptions about new audiences
  • being worried about causing offence
  • wanting to make a difference but not having the authority
  • not knowing where to start, how to find and communicate effectively with certain target segments
  • making diversification of their audiences a priority

3)  How can arts organisations embed diversity in across their work?

  • Attendees will find out some of that on the workshop but in summary it’s about attitude, structures, planning and communication

4) What is the key thing you hope people will take away with them from your workshop?

  • Inspiration
  • Commitment: wanting to make a difference
  • Confidence: realising that it is something they can get started on and learn as they go
  • Tips: useful info that will help them get started

Embracing Diverse Audiences — embedding diversity across your organisation

Online | 7 December | 10.30am — 12.30pm

AMA members / Arts Council England NPO: £45 + VAT

Non-members: £115 + VAT