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12th October 2017

Digital Customer Service – How the British Museum is getting to know you

Phonotrope Workshop. Photo: Stephen Moir.

What is it about?

Kate Carter set out to develop a comprehensive digital customer service offer at the British Museum as part of her Digital Marketing Academy experiment in 2016. In this session Kate and Coline will explain the goals of the Museum’s social media strategy. They’ll discuss their approach to digital customer service integration and the process of digital transformation to achieve these goals.

The team’s mission is to listen to their visitors and the public, respond meaningfully and turn this data into actionable insights to improve the visitor experience.

Discover the free digital platforms Kate and Coline use to monitor conversations and the agile working methods they have experimented with. Learn about the challenges they face and the key outcomes so far.

What will I gain?

  • An understanding of how to integrate a digital customer service strategy
  • Examples of how to monitor visitor conversations and gain actionable insights
  • Top tips for implementing Hootsuite as a visitor insight platform


Headshot of Kate Carter

Kate Carter
British Museum

Coline Cuau
British Museum

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