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3rd June 2016 Laurie Kremer

Defining relevance — how do we develop meaningful relationships with ‘harder to reach’ audiences?

Image courtesy of National Gallery - National Gallery, London

Image courtesy of National Gallery © National Gallery, London

What is it about

How do you build authentic relationships with people who haven’t previously engaged with your organisation or offer? Can a people-focused approach help you develop relevant and meaningful connections with a new audience?

As part of Creative People and Places, Karl, Helen and Kathryn have spent the last three years building relationships with people who don’t see themselves as regular arts attenders. During this session they will share their challenges and successes leading three projects from across the UK in different contexts and with different approaches.

What will I gain?

  • An understanding of three potential approaches to building and sustaining relationships with audiences and how these could work in your organisation.
  • Insight into what it means to be people focused and how this might challenge some of our traditional practices.
  • Space to share your experiences and explore how we can build long-term relationships with new attenders.

Who is it for?

This session is for people responsible for their organisation’s approach to reaching people that don’t currently engage with them.


Helen Ball, Engagement Director, Creative Barking and Dagenham

Picture of Helen Ball

Karl Greenwood, Project Director, Appetite

Picture of Karl Greenwood

Kathryn Goodfellow, Communications Manager, Bait

Picture of Kathryn Goodfellow