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22nd July 2011 Sara Lock

Cult siting (BNW10)

Is arts marketing a cult? Mel Larsen speculates …

Just in: photographic proof that the AMA is in fact a dangerous cult:

Blog 18 This week, over 500 arts marketers gathered at a not so secret location, and in sight of the twin peaks recited a mantra known as 'The Six P's'  until mass hysteria broke out.

Once sucked in, unsuspecting members are encouraged to attain ever increasing levels of excellence.

It is said that many members have been persuaded to go on an 'AMA retreat' and have returned from this closeted week of intense training suspiciously energised and enthusiastic about their career.

It is commonly thought that crazed hordes will gather again in Brighton next year to resume their strange rituals. AMA members are known to be experts in recruitment, trained in encouraging total strangers to engage, participate and even purchase, all in the name of an esoteric practice that insiders call 'Art'.

Anyone who is approached by an AMA member is advised to exercise extreme caution.


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