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6th November 2017

Creative Challenge #AMAKnowingYou

Kettle’s Yard family workshop, photo courtesy of Kettle’s Yard.

Headshot of Jo HunterJo Hunter, co-founder of 64 Million Artists, will be speaking at this year’s Digital Marketing Day. She’s set a creative challenge for delegates.

About 4 years ago I was working in a job I loved, with people I loved, doing stuff I felt passionate about. But I also felt really flat. I had lost a bit of myself that had been vital to me all through my childhood. When I was little I was always singing or dancing or making up plays or getting messy and making a mess. Now I found myself in the leadership team of an organisation and I so rarely played, so rarely took a risk or got something wrong and almost never did anything where I spent time really developing my creativity. And it meant that I’d lost a massive part of what made me human, what made me who I was.

So I took a month off work and got people to set me different creative challenges to do every day. Something silly or something serious, long or short, ‘arty’ or just exploring and wandering and having a go at stuff I normally wouldn’t. It reminded me about who I was, and encouraged me to explore that more. And I co-founded 64 Million Artists as a result of it. So now every day we work out how to make space for more people to rediscover the creativity that is innate to them.

How much time do you set aside for your creativity? What are the things you love to do that put you in the flow? It might be walking your dog, or singing in the shower, or making cards or playing with your kids. Before AMA Digital Marketing Day we’re asking you to share that with us.

Take part in our creative challenge by posting a picture of your creative activity on Twitter. Use the #AMAKnowingYou hashtag and help us get to know just how creative AMA members are.

We believe that what you love to do is a central part of who you are. So share that with us and get to know your fellow delegates in advance. Who knows what you might discover about each other? Maybe by the end of it there will be arts marketing book groups, dog-walking clubs and knitting circles emerging all over the country!

Creative challenge responses

Post your creative passion on Twitter using the #AMAKnowingYou hashtag and we’ll include it on this page.

Jo will be challenging us to think differently about our audiences and sharing her experience of online participation at our 11th Digital Marketing Day, #AMAKnowingYou, which takes place on 1 December at Barbican Centre, London.

Find out more about the programme and speakers and book your place.

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