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7th June 2016 Laurie Kremer

Conference Catch Up: Peter Raymond

In this Conference Catch we sit down with Peter Raymond, Course Director, ESA Diploma to talk about the session he will be delivering as part of our fundraising-specific programme.

Describe your session in less than 50 words.

It is clear that the arts generally do not have enough knowledge or confidence in how to acquire much needed extra funding via partnership marketing (or sponsorship).  This session will provide practical reassurance that this is eminently and more easily achievable than you might imagine!

What are the top 3 things delegates will take away from your session?

  • Reassurance that arts businesses all have significant assets that are marketable.
  • Vindication that corporate partners have as much to gain from partnership with arts organisations as vice versa (the win/win scenario).
  • There is an industry-endorsed course available that will act as a catalyst to improving knowledge and to honing relevant skills.

What are you looking forward to most about AMA conference 2016?

  • The diversity of the knowledge available via the contributors.
  • The opportunity to quash some myths about the positive impact of sponsorship on business models in the arts.
  • Meeting people with passion and commitment.

What does the conference theme — On a Mission to Matter — mean to you?

It reinforces my intended messaging about why corporate partnerships matter and can play an unimaginably significant role in developing commercial funding models.


Find out more about Peter’s session and book your place for AMA conference 2016.

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