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27th June 2017 Laurie Kremer

Conference Catch Up — Matthew Xia

Matthew Xia, Director, composer, journalist and DJ, is one of five prominent thought leaders to feature in our quick-fire opening keynote at AMA conference 2017 — The Value of Everything. In this one-to-one he gives us a glimpse into his session.

Tell us your story in under 50 words.

My story? I haven’t finished writing it yet. Or am I the one reading it? Let’s call it’s a ‘work in progress’ sharing. I was born and raised in East London. Had it not been for my love of art, music and performance who knows where I would be now. Luckily, I’m here.

How does this year’s AMA conference theme — The Value of Everything — speak to you?

We must know the value of everything in order to understand our own worth. I have spent my life working out the value of my skill set, my time, my experience and using this in what I’ve discovered is a ‘portfolio’ career.

What are the three key things delegates will take away from your session

  • Encouragement.
  • An understanding that there are no rules.
  • Convention and orthodoxy lack variation.

What are you most looking forward to about AMA conference 2017?

Being there. I have heard so much about the AMA Conference from various colleagues in various organisations, so to be given a platform and invited to speak is truly an honour.

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