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27th June 2017 Laurie Kremer

Conference Catch Up — Devon Smith

Devon Smith, Co-Founder of two-person digital studio Measure Creative, talks us through what you can expect from her sessions at AMA conference 2017 — The Value of Everything.

Tell us your story in under 50 words.

At 22, I found myself running a theatre company with a 49-seat venue. I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing, so I went to back to school to earn my MFA and MBA. In my first few weeks of graduate school, I was asked to create a MySpace page for our school’s professional theatre. And so began my life as a digital consultant! A dozen years later, I own a consulting agency that works with arts organizations and other nonprofits on digital strategy and campaigns.

How does this year’s AMA conference theme — The Value of Everything — speak to you?

We all have too much work to do, and not enough resources or time to do it. A lot of my consulting work is helping organizations figure out which of the things they’re doing is most (and least!) valuable to achieving their goals. Every day is a negotiation of trade offs between the value of the time, energy and budget we put into something, the value or benefit our audience feels like they get from experiencing our work, and how they demonstrate that value back to our organizations — through their ticket purchase, donation, attendance, ambassadorship or other engagement.

What are the three key things delegates will take away from your session

From my Google Analytics session:

  • My top 5 secrets for being more effective at using Google Analytics data
  • Understanding where to find the most valuable data buried in Google Analytics reports
  • Tools to help simplify and automate Google Analytics analysis and reporting

From my marketing planning session

  • The 7 critical pieces of information that need to be in every marketing campaign plan
  • Tips on how to think strategically when planning your campaign
  • Advice for how to pivot your campaign when the inevitable obstacle arises

What are you most looking forward to about AMA conference 2017?

I love visiting new cities and having the opportunity to explore their arts scene — I’m really looking forward to all that Belfast has to offer. And it’s so fun and inspiring to finally meet in real life the many fellow AMA Digital Marketing Academy compatriots I’ve gotten to know via Skype and Twitter.

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