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21st June 2017 Laurie Kremer

Conference Catch Up — Brad Carlin

In this one-to-one and teaser video, Brad Carlin, Managing Director at Fusebox, gives us the lowdown of what to expect from his session at AMA conference 2017 — The Value of Everything.

Tell us your story in under 50 words.

Recovering performer, saved from a life of standing ovations by the business of show. Working in the arts allows this kid from Texas to see the world, lovingly rebel against conservative parents, and nurture a life blurring the boundaries of art without giving up love for sports and BBQ. 

How does this year’s AMA conference theme — The Value of Everything — speak to you?

First, the scale: what’s bigger than “everything”? But perhaps more importantly, investigating “value” cuts to the core of what we do, who we are.  It’s exciting to have a few days to set the dry minutiae of our work aside and dive into some big, juicy, questions.

What are the three key things delegates will take away from your session?

  • You should have at least one idea and one action you can begin to implement right away.
  • Powerpoint that contains more art than words or data.
  • It will be fun. We’ll listen to Willie Nelson! If you don’t have fun in the session, I’ll buy you a beer.

What are you most looking forward to about AMA conference 2017?

All of it, my first AMA conference! I am excited to engage a new community around these questions, ideas, and challenges around “The Value of Everything.” It’s a treat to get to to tap the brains of folks doing similar work as yourself in an entirely different continent and context. 

Find out more about Brad’s session, the AMA conference 2017 programme and book your place.