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3rd July 2017 Laurie Kremer

Conference Catch Up — Amanda Dalton

Amanda Dalton, Director of Engagement at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre, is leading a session at AMA conference 2017 — The Value of Everything. In this one-to-one she gives us a glimpse of what we can expect:

Tell us your story in under 50 words.

I’m at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester and head up our You, The Audience programme, working with audiences and artists to change the conversations and the place of audiences in the organisation. Our audiences have developed a Manifesto for theatre and we’re in the process of making it real.

What are the three key things delegates will take away from your session? (50 words

  • Imaginative ideas – approaches to reinvigorating conversations with audiences that anyone might adopt if they want to.
  • Fresh insights into how a large venue is taking a building wide approach to work with audiences.
  • A practical starting point for developing an Audience Manifesto.

What are you most looking forward to about AMA conference 2017? (50 words)

Meeting colleagues, experiencing new ideas, challenging debate.

Find out more about Amanda’s session, the AMA conference 2017 programme and book your place.