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Health & Wellbeing — China Plate’s Artist Wellbeing Policy

Health & Wellbeing — China Plate’s Artist Wellbeing Policy

With the latest issue of JAM — the AMA's journal of arts marketing — focusing on health and wellbeing, we invited Rosie Kelly to explain why China Plate have devised guidelines for safeguarding artist and company wellbeing and mental health with the launch of its new Artist Wellbeing Policy. China Plate is an independent producer of contemporary theatre, and Associate ...

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We're never too experienced to learn #AMAinclusivity

We’re never too experienced to learn #AMAinclusivity

I suppose I look at this subject from a privileged position. An educated, white, oh-so-nearly middle class, employed house-owner. But also I work for an arts organisation which for 57 years has  woven inclusivity into its fabric. Reflective of its ...
What we do #Digilab

What we do #Digilab

Millie Carroll of The Tetley talks us through her progress on the Digital Lab In the last few months I’ve made this project involve our whole team, and recently we’ve finalised some big decisions and we’re finally in the process ...
A man of African heritage from La Boheme carryting a sack with his arms side-stretched

Money, money, money #ADA

With money seems to come more flexibility or the green light to take plans and experiments forward.  Does a red light stop the intention dead?  English Touring Opera Fellow of the ADA 3.0 shares this blog about the next steps ...
A phot of a woman contempaltig an indoor art installation.

mAkE sOMe nOiSe #ADA

Claire Noakes is an ADA Fellow and has been working quietly to strategically increase the audience demographic visiting Art Fund venues. We’re all familiar with the age-old saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ and it’s true, sitting in an office ...
Photo of a an analogue clock on a wall with angular wall perspective

Time for me #ADA

Work-life balance is the theme of this blog by Change Management Consultant and ADA Mentor, Auriel Majumdar. Recently I’ve taken the bold step of taking all my social media apps off my smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ...
Arts marketing copy — three unlikely champions

Arts marketing copy — three unlikely champions

Ahead of Copywriting Day 2019 — putting words in their place, trainer Jon Hawkins explains how taking inspiration from unlikely sources can improve the effectiveness of our copy. You work in marketing for an arts or cultural organisation. You write ...
colourful books on blogging stacked horizontally

Blog Block #ADA

Nobody said that it was going to be easy.  ADA Fellow, Emma Oaks from Buxton Opera House, explains her challenge of getting her experiments down on the page for all to learn from and enjoy! Wait a minute, three blogs?! ...
Experiments never quite go to plan… #ADA

Experiments never quite go to plan… #ADA

ADA Fellow, Ros Croker, has been developing experiments for her colleagues within her organisation in order to explore language and identity. My first experiment with my team was aimed at thinking about the words we use to describe what we ...