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12th October 2017

Beyond the Consumer – Rethinking Online Participation

Image courtesy of Kettle’s Yard. Circuit Unlock Cambridge Festival © Mike Cameron.

What is it about?

What do we gain when we think of people as participants rather than consumers? Jo Hunter suggests that by seeing people as active participants in our cause, as creative in their own right and not just audience members, we develop deeper relationships, gain better insight and knowledge and have richer organisations. Using case studies from her work with 64 Million Artists and the New Citizenship Project she will reveal how we might think and act differently in relation to our local, national and online communities – and how we can have fun doing it.

What will I gain?

  • An understanding of new research and insights into creating cultures of participation and engagement online
  • Tips on how to implement this thinking in your organisation
  • Some practical examples of organisations that have done this to great effect


Headshot of Jo Hunter

Jo Hunter
Co-Founder and Director
64 Million Artists

This keynote will be live streamed on Friday 1 December at 3.40pm.

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