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7th November 2017 Verity Sanderson

Become a Caption Hero

Captioning Awareness Week is an annual campaign from Stagetext, which raises the awareness of captioning and live subtitling within the arts, giving access to d/Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing audiences. 

This year Captioning Awareness Week is happening right now, 6 – 11 November, and the campaign has a ‘superhero’ theme – ‘Be a Caption Hero’ – encouraging individuals to take action and spread the word about captioning.

What can you do to be a Caption Hero?

Spread the word: Many people still don’t know about the accessible the events, exhibitions and talks you may be offering. By updating your website with accurate access information, as well as listing accessible dates on event pages, you and your venue can make a difference.

Promote your event: If you’re holding a captioned or live subtitled event during Captioning Awareness Week and haven’t already let us know, then we can still help promote you. Let us know any activities you have planned and we’ll make sure to share it with everyone.

Join Stagetext on social media: We want you to tell us what makes you a “Caption Hero” using #CaptionHero, post a picture with one of our downloadable signs, take part in competitions, and use our campaign filters on you profile pictures.

The campaign aims to reach the 11 million people in the UK who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing – that’s 1 in 6. We all know someone who may have some form of hearing loss and we’re asking those who may already be aware of Stagetext to pass on the message in any way they can.

Find out more about the campaign and all the ways you can join in on the Stagetext website.