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Innovation Partner

Being the Innovation Partner for AMA conference 2019 allows your organisation to position itself as a leader in technology, digital or experimentation

£4,000 + VAT

We are happy to discuss what this partnership might look like but elements could include:

  • A space set aside throughout the duration of the conference, to be hosted as an open space / hub where delegates would come armed with digital / technical questions
  • 1-2-1 surgeries could be run and managed within the above space
  • Dedicated AMA email to delegates inviting them to the space
  • Presence on the relevant AMA webpage and/or the AMA conference app
  • Tweets from the AMA about your partnership
  • Credit for the partnership to be mentioned once during the conference
  • A post or pre-conference blog on the AMA blog page
  • Two conference delegate places
  • ½ page ad in an issue of JAM (Journal of Arts Marketing)

Please contact Fiona or Abby if you are interested in any of the opportunities above, or would like to have a conversation about what you can bring to AMA conference 2019 as a sponsor or partner.