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AMA conference 2018 — Programme


The AMA conference 2018 — The Power of Play programme is tailored to your career level and interests, and is segmented into the following strands:


[prak-ti-kuh l]

Benefits of a practical session: tool kits, hints and tips that can be used immediately in your organisation, thorough knowledge of the basics of your chosen subject, increased confidence and growth in your skill set.

You’ll gain:

— Understanding of the marketing mix
Tools to gain audience insights and getting the most from your data
Tips for managing PR challenges
Insights for engaging young audiences
Inspiration for how to communicate with diverse audiences
Subtitling and captioning skills
A deeper understanding of how to create accessible and inclusive copy
A deeper understanding of SEO
How to use personas to create great visitor experiences



Benefits of a strategic session: tried and tested case studies, insights into other organisation’s experiences, thorough exploration of how creativity and strategy go hand in hand.

You’ll gain:

Insights for building meaningful and sustainable relationships with new audiences
Plans for creating an influencer engagement strategy
Knowledge of how to implement more agile approaches
Advice for working effectively to engage cultural tourists
Tips for putting people at the heart of your story
Top tips for running a successful crowdfunding campaign
Identifying audience development opportunities

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