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8th January 2016 Sara Lock

A curious start to the year

AMA conference 2015 workshop session

As we begin another year full of good intentions, we want to encourage you to ‘stay curious’.

Stay Curious AMA Conference 2015 sparked many interesting discussions and ideas. If you attended, perhaps 2016 is the time to put some of the brilliant ideas you had into practice. If you missed the conference, we hope the five conference collections now available on CultureHive will provide welcome inspiration for the year ahead.

Here are just five of my top quotes of the conference:

  • ‘You can’t create something that 
is of value for people unless you know what they value.’ Russell Willis Taylor, The Keynote Collection
  • ‘We realised that we had a real kind of monopoly on fun, imagination and joy that we really could offer the donors – I guess that sense of childhood’ Thea King, Ministry of Stories, The Fundraising and Development Breakout Collection
  • ‘When we don’t get so caught up in our own self-importance we figure out how we might fit into other people’s lives. Rather than seeking ways to change their behaviour we might find other ways to change ours to make us more connected, relevant and vital to a larger number of people in our communities.’ Lisa Baxter, The Experience Business, The Marketing Essentials Breakout Collection
  • ‘We are encouraging disloyalty and promiscuity in the audience and it is paying dividends…’ Jackie Hay, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, The Strategic Sessions Breakout Collection
  • ‘I want to say that the only way to embed digital experimentation is probably by seeking forgiveness rather than permission’ DK, The Advanced Arena Breakout Collection

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View the full conference collections on CultureHive


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