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1st September 2015 Verity Sanderson

6. What did you think? #amaconf

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Amy Walters, Theatre and Marketing Manager at The North Wall Arts Centre, tells us about her first time at AMA Conference.

2015 was my very first AMA Conference, and the whole thing was inspirational from start to finish. Opportunities to get outside the Oxford bubble are few and far between, so I relished meeting other arts marketing professionals and discussing the ins and outs of what works (and what definitely doesn’t) for their venue and their audience. It was also gratifying to know there are people who are as geeky about data as I am!

Whilst a lot of information on offer seemed completely out of reach for our organisation, it was brilliant to learn how, even as a small venue, we can make the most of our data – Spektrix’s “8 Measures of Marketing Success” armed me with a list of practical fixes that I could take back to The North Wall and easily implement as part of our day-to-day practice. The Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues’ data commonwealth & Insider Project left me in awe, and immediately went to the top of my wish list, closely followed by a trip to the Toledo Museum of Art.

I took copious amounts of notes and am still going through them – reporting relevant information to colleagues, checking out websites scribbled in the margins, and using new ideas to help me plot and plan for the upcoming season. Plenty to keep me going until the next AMA conference rolls around.

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