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Speaker Spot: Catherine Toole

Image of Catherine Toole

In our final Speaker Spot for our new one-day conference Online Copywriting Day – Every Word Counts, Catherine Toole, CEO of Sticky Content, answers some questions:

Describe your session in less than 50 words.

Agggh, I really want to waste some words saying ‘fewer than’! Hopefully that will appeal to fellow grammar pedants. Otherwise, I would simply say that it’s going to be an energetic, example-filled speed masterclass in everything you need to know to be an effective digital copywriter.

What are the top 3 things delegates will learn or take away from your session?

  1. Good writing is much easier with a strong content strategy to base it on.
  2. ‘Kill your darlings’. Go back to your text and cut it right down, brutally. Or get someone else to.
  3. Achieving a consistent, unique tone of voice is hard – but pays dividends.

Your company is called Sticky Content, what does this mean?

Years ago it just meant content that persuaded people to stick to a site: creating lengthy visits and loyal repeat visitors. Over time, stickiness has come to mean a whole host of desirable things in the digital industry. Content that is highly shareable, for example. Or that sticks at the top of Google rankings. However in 1996 when I bought the domain, it was from a lady in Minnesota who made fudge!

What does ‘every word count’ mean when copywriting for online platforms?

What’s always struck me when training AMA members before is how much they are expected to achieve with so little resource. When you’re fighting for share of voice in a crowded competitive market, with limited budgets and manpower, every pound – and every minute – you invest needs to show a return. This session is about how to make each piece of writing you produce worth that investment.

What are you looking forward to most about this event?

It’s always a pleasure to train arts people because they instantly get it. I really enjoy showing good and bad examples and passing on tips that can make a difference tomorrow, regardless of budgets or headcount. You can see people having new ideas on how to approach their work and getting inspired by each other and that makes it hugely rewarding.

Catherine will be presenting at Online Copywriting Day – Every Word Counts on 3 March at Southbank Centre. Find out more about the programme and other speakers.
Follow Catherine on Twitter @catherinetoole

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Discover more about how to make your online copywriting work harder, go further and be more effective at our new one-day conference Online Copywriting Day – Every Word Counts at Southbank Centre on 3 March.

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