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Finding your own path to resilience

There has been much discussion in recent years over how arts and cultural organisations can become more resilient.

I’ve observed three consistent traits while editing case studies on organisations that are successfully developing audiences, diversifying income streams and increasing their resilience:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Relevance
  3. Ambition

Each organisation is true to itself and its audience needs and is looking beyond what it’s successfully doing now to what it could do next.

The thing about these traits is that they are personal… to us, to our organisations and to our audiences or visitors. That makes copying another organisation’s path to resilience somewhat futile.

If authenticity, relevance and ambition are key to resilience then we need to

  • determine the values to which we must hold true to be authentic
  • think about our audience needs and how our offer addresses them
  • consider how our organisation can evolve to remain relevant

Fortunately for us developed a tool to make that thought process more creative, collaborative and (dare we say) fun. Instead of days staring at pages of text and encouraging colleagues to do the same, think team challenge with post-it notes and a painter’s canvas.

The Business Model Canvas, as the name suggests, is a visual tool designed to illustrate how the nine key elements of a business work together.

In a brand new introduction for CultureHive, author Mark Robinson says:

‘Faced with the complex reality of running an arts or cultural organisation, the Business Model Canvas gives you a tool to simply visualise the essential elements of your operation. It helps you question and play with new possibilities to create your own path to resilience.’

Mark’s full introduction is available on CultureHive accompanied by an ever-growing series of Business Model Case Studies that show how the canvas works in practice. You’ll also find an article from our own Executive Director Julie Aldridge offering alternatives to spark your thinking.

If your organisation is already using the Business Model Canvas we’d love to hear from you. Email and tell us how you’re getting on.

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