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Digital Storytelling masterclass

In the build-up to the AMA’s masterclass on mobile media marketing on 17 June in London, trainer, blogger and social technologist Christian Payne (AKA @Documentally) tells us why he finds digital storytelling so rewarding – and reveals what to expect from his upcoming event. 

Christian Payne

I’m really pleased to be able to run another masterclass for the AMA. The flow of inspiration when I work with the arts sector is never top-down. There’s always a room full of creatives sharing and collaborating before, during and after the event.

Of the events I’m running at the moment, I find story-making the most rewarding. Whether we are pitching ideas within our organisation, giving a virtual backstage pass to our projects, or sharing content to build our networks and curate audiences, we use stories in every area of our lives. To entertain, explain, educate and engage. We are made of stories.

I believe we all need to take a step back and hone these story-making skills. Whether it be for home, for fun or for professional use, these skills can be used across platforms, across networks.

What is it about?

In my next masterclass with the AMA, we will be using today’s tools and platforms for documenting and sharing, connecting and curating. All that’s needed is a mobile device or tablet to create and share a story of your own.

This event will let you document and share your environment via a mobile device and learn how to upload multimedia from anywhere to anywhere. The course is aimed at artists, marketers and storymakers looking to create, curate, post and share multimedia on a mobile device, be it a smartphone, tablet or iPod touch.

You will learn…

  • How to choose the right equipment and apps for your needs
  • How to create and share multimedia from any mobile device
  • How to take better photos on your mobile phone
  • How to record, live stream and share video on a mobile device
  • How to hone workflow for cross-posting and sharing
  • How to keep your devices powered up in the field
  • How to share a mobile data connection with multiple devices

Intrigued? I hope you can join me in my upcoming masterclass in London on 17 June. Find out more and book online now.

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