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Diane Ragsdale on arts marketing and business planning


Diane Ragsdale is interviewed by Jonathan Goodacre for the AMA


Diane Ragsdale web qualityDiane Ragsdale is an admired commentator on the arts and is very much an AMA conference favourite for her incisive and relevant thinking. After many years working in the USA for organisations such as the Andrew Mellon Foundation, she is now based in The Netherlands where she is researching the impact of economic forces on US nonprofit regional theaters since the 80’s at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

 Diane is also one of the lead facilitators on the AMA retreat level three for senior marketers which this year took place at The Moller Centre in Cambridge in February. Here, heads of department and directors come together to examine the way they can enhance their high-level marketing skills, with business planning, organisational development, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.

In between sessions, I took the opportunity to interview Diane on video about contemporary developments in society and the economy and the way these relate to the arts, arts marketing and business planning.

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