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AMA Press and PR Summit, 8th March 2012

Approaching the summit

Freelance project manager and consultant, Jonathan Goodacre, reflects on the AMA's press and pr summit which took place at the Museum of London on 8th March, 2012 …

In political circles, a ‘summit’ is a meeting of leaders coming together to solve a crisis. We are in a time of change, certainly, but judging by the discussions at the AMA Press and PR summit our approach as press and pr officers does not amount to crisis management.

Actually, if there is a problem, it might be one for the media organisations themselves.

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The social purpose of an arts organisation

MV pic - Version 2 - 2011-11-14 at 14-23-22Martin Vogel is a consultant, facilitator and coach drawing on 25 years’ experience of journalism, strategy and creative innovation. He’s a co-founder of Valoro VGW which works with business leaders on public trust and social value.

Following on from last week’s post from David Dixon, Martin Vogel writes about the social purpose of an arts organisation.

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