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The future is up for grabs – Diane Ragsdale (BNW18)

Diane2 Diane Ragsdale speaks and writes about the arts around the world. She is currently enrolled as a Doctoral Student at Erasmus University Rotterdam and has previously worked for the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and On the Boards (Seattle) among many other cultural organisations.

This is a specially edited excerpt from Diane’s (virtual) presentation to AMA conference 2011 for AMA COMMONS.

This recession has revealed that we don’t simply have some failing organisations here and there that need to close or be restructured. Rather, we have entire industries, sectors, cities and even countries that cannot be sustained and that are questioning what makes the world go round and how they will generate sufficient revenue to stay alive in the future.

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Flourishing culture (BNW17)

Blog 15
Helen Black, spoke (see picture left, with Alison Martin of Cititzens Theatre) at the AMA Conference last week, but also found time for some of the other sessions …

So, AMA conference 2011 completed – I think that’s my eighth (but who’s counting?) and it was another great year full of ideas and inspiration.

I was very impressed by Mark Wright’s presentation on Developing a culture of creativity and innovation. On the face of it, this was a session heavily steeped in management science diagrams and tables. Not something I would have imagined could grab me in the way it did.

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The business of experiences (BNW16)

Toby Chadd reflects on his first AMA conference …

Blog 7 Thinking back to Glasgow, there are certain things that stick in the mind. My brief recce onto the dance floor of the Corinthian Club is certainly one, but that aside I’ve brought away some specific practices and some broader ideas. There are things to act on directly: Kate Sanderson’s practical guide to key performance indicators and monitoring campaigns, and Jane Finnis on Google Analytics – both of which are so simple but completely essential

Most striking for me was Jerry Yoshitomi’s opening keynote, which encapsulated so much in one bold mantra: we are in the business of experiences.

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